Extraordinary with Tobias Dahlberg

Extraordinary with Tobias Dahlberg

In a world where being average no longer works, success in branding, business and life requires us to raise our standards, to become extraordinary.
In this podcast, entrepreneur and strategist Tobias Dahlberg shares ideas, inspiration, strategies and tactics that will help you build an extraordinary brand and business, hopefully even an extraordinary life.

Tobias is the founder and CEO of Wonder Inc., a leading strategic brand and design consultancy in the Nordic region. His work has been featured in Business Insider, Wallpaper Magazine, Centurion and Condé Naste Traveller. You can find more of his content on Youtube, Instagram Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @tobiasdahlberg.

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    Branding with Marty Neumeier - Part 2/2

    This is the second part of the Marty Neumeier interview. Marty is the author of The Brand Gap, ZAG, Metaskills, The 46 Rules of Genius and The Brand Flip. In this episode we discuss the core principles of brands and branding, and we also talk about creativity and the process for innovation. Hope you enjoy!

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    Branding with Marty Neumeier - Part 1/2

    I am proud to introduce to you the legendary Marty Neumeier, consultant, designer and author (The Brand Gap, ZAG, Metaskills, The 46 Rules of Genius, The Brand Flip). In this first part of this two-part interview, Marty shares some of his most powerful ideas about the principles of branding, and about the power of design. Marty has a unique ability to distill complex themes into simple, yet powerful ideas expressed in language anyone can understand. It does not get better than this. Enjoy!

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    Brand Intervention with David Brier

    Great brands are built around great ideas, not great products. In this episode I discuss branding with David Brier, the award-winning creative director and brand expert who wrote the book Brand Intervention. In this interview, Davis shares his no-bs, no-fluff principles about what it takes to differentiate and build a strong brand, and how to get Shark Tank's Daymond John to write the foreword to your book. Filled with great wisdom, timeless great learnings and stories for all brand builders out there.

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    Motivation and Mastery. Qualities of the Extraordinary.

    Why are so few people truly motivated? How do you find that inner drive? Why are so many short-sighted and forget that mastery is the secret to becoming extraordinary, becoming creative and fulfilled? I share my late night wisdom on these two topics.

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    How to Create Transformational Change - with Lior Arussy

    Why are so many companies mediocre? Why do 9 out of 10 companies fail at transformation? This week, consultant, speaker and author Lior Arussy from Strativity Group answer these and many more questions related to customer-centric change and business transformation. Packed with good ideas and wisdom Lior draws many insights from his new book Next Is Now - 5 Steps for Embracing Change (available on Amazon). Hope you find this as valuable and insightful as I did.

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    Brand Culture with Denise Lee Yohn

    Culture has become one of the most, if not the single most critical driver of brand and business success. In this episode brand expert Denise Lee Yohn shares the best insights from her two bestselling books, What Great Brands Do, and her latest book Fusion. Highly insightful, very practical advice for anyone who wants to build a great brand.

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    Why brands and businesses fail, and how not to be one of them.

    Why are there so many mediocre, average, boring brands and businesses out there, so many companies struggling to make a living? In my 12 years as an entrepreneur and strategist, I encounter one strategic problem more than any other, and I see it nearly every week of the year. In this episode I talk about the core aspects of strategy, and how companies need to shift their focus in order to stand out and be extraordinary.

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    On Branding with Nick Westergaard

    For this episode of Extraordinary, I met Nick Westergaard, educator, speaker, consultant and author of Get Scrappy and Brand Now. Nick shares insights from his latest book, we discuss branding both from a strategic point of view, as well as how any company can use Nick's seven brand dynamics to stand out in a crowded, distracted world. Nick is also the host of the famous branding podcast OnBrand with Nick Westergaard, and he shares what you can expect when you host your own podcast.

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    What it (really) means to be customer-centric.

    What does it really mean to be customer-centric? In this episode I share my insights on what it means to be customer-centric, and how that can change the game for you. As you will learn, it's not just about focusing on who your customers are.

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    The Power of Non-Stop Learning

    In the knowledge economy, where we compete with brain power, your competitive advantage is your mindset, attitude and knowledge. But very few of us feed our brains with new stimulus, new ideas and knowledge. Why? In this episode I share my thoughts on the best way to gain competitive advantage for yourself. This episode was originally recorded in Miami, Flordia for my YouTube channel, and you can see the episode there.

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